SPrachwoche unserer vierten Klassen in Italien


Our class in Lignano


Our class went on a journey to Lignano / Italy from the 23rd to the 27th of May. We began our trip at 6:30 am from Vienna and arrived at 2 pm in Italy. Shortly after that we had our lunch at a Pizza Restaurant and from there we headed to our Hotel and arranged our clothes. Later on we went to the Beach to enjoy the sun, some of my class mates just relaxed under the sun and took Sun Bath while the rest of us swam in the warm water. At 7 pm we had our dinner and after that we headed to town and were in our hotel at 10 pm to prepare for sleep.

We started our breakfast on the second day at 7:45 and left to St. Mark's Square by Coach, from there we took a boat to Venice where we were left to walk around and shop alone. Ipek, Gabriela, Sümeyye and I bought a pizza which cost us 15 Euro. At 5 pm we went back to the hotel and after finishing our dinner we went to the beach again.

We spent our third day with  swimming, playing beach volleyball and Taekwando. After finishing again our dinner we went  to the city


On our forth day we played again on the beach and tried Beach Rugby and hip hop. At night we were picked up by our bus at 9 o'clock to go to the Disco. We enjoyed the disco very much and was  real fun!


Friday was our last day where we were given a chance to swim in the Italian water for the last time, we were picked up by our bus to leave for Villach and from there to Vienna by train.


For me our trip to Italy with my class was a very enjoyable experience and the weather was perfect. My room mates Sümeyye, Ipek, Merve and Gabriela made the trip eaven funnier for me. My favourite part of the trip was going to the disco because we met other school groups and celebrated with them.







Dear Abbas,

I went with my class to Lignano in Italy.

The weather was perfect, it was very hot.

When we arrived in Lignano we went to the hotel lobby and left our bags there. Then we went by bus to a restaurant where we ate pizza.The pizza was delicius. Ala, Bajro, Danijel, Predrag, Patrik and I ate 4 big plates togheter. Then we went to our hotel to see our rooms. In the afternoon we went to the beach. In the evening we went to the town. The secound day we went to a place where many Canal boats where. We went by boat to Venice. Around midday we went back and had dinner. On the third day we went to swim in Aquapark. Then we had lunch. After lunch we went to the beach. After the beach we went to the town. After town the teacher wanted to do a surprise party for maja but we had to wait for Imer and Albert because they came 40 min late and so we couldn't do the surprise party. On the last day we had to pack our suitcases. Then we went swimming. Finally we went by bus to Villach. From there we went by train to Wien Meidling.
 Italy was very nice. Venice is wonderful. The weather was very hot.